Lecturing and Teaching

I am a lecturer and teacher of English in:
Public secondary schools in the provinces of Terni and Perugia
Financed courses for adults. Assigning organisations: Umbria Training Center (training provider), SFCU (Italian Manufacturer's Training Association, Division of Perugia); Apiform (Small Enterprises' Training Association, Division of Perugia); Consorzio BIM Cascia (drainage basin consortium in Cascia); Forma.Azione (training provider); Consorzio Studi Cittā di Foligno (training provider); IAL Marche (training provider); Confartigianato Marche (craftsmen association).
University of Macerata, Universitā Politecnica delle Marche.
Private schools of languages

Teacher of English in Architecture for the registered architects of Perugia.

Teacher of English in a course organised by Adecco Formazione srl for Guardia di Finanza (the Italian tax police)

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