Lecturing and Teaching

I am a lecturer and teacher of English in:
Public secondary schools in the provinces of Terni and Perugia
Financed courses for adults. Assigning organisations: Umbria Training Center (training provider), SFCU (Italian Manufacturer's Training Association, Division of Perugia); Apiform (Small Enterprises' Training Association, Division of Perugia); Consorzio BIM Cascia (drainage basin consortium in Cascia); Forma.Azione (training provider); Consorzio Studi Cittā di Foligno (training provider); IAL Marche (training provider); Confartigianato Marche (craftsmen association).
I lectured English as an adjunct professor at the following Italian Universities: University of Macerata, Universitā Politecnica delle Marche, University of Camerino, Carlo Bo Graduate School for Interpreters and Translators, Rome.
Private schools of languages

Online course in Legal English

Teacher of English in Architecture for the registered architects of Perugia.

Teacher of English in a course organised by Adecco Formazione srl for Guardia di Finanza (the Italian tax police)

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