Translations and Interpreting

Amongst others, I translated for the following companies/organisations:
Universitą degli Studi della Tuscia
School of languages
Introduction in E.Chiti, G.Vesperini (eds) "The Administrative Architecture of Financial Integration", Il Mulino, Bologna, 2015, p.7-19.
STI (Italian Theosophy Society)
Unićo Planetįria
A.F.M. Progetti engineers' office
I am a bilateral and consecutive interpreter in English<>Italian.

I am a translator and interpreter for the civil and criminal court of Spoleto.
I am a registered translator and interpreter for the Chamber of Commerce of Perugia.
I was appointed the interpreter (Ita-Eng) of the Forma Orienta workshops of the Universitą degli Studi di Camerino.

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